IDICO has been investing in the specially importance transportation projects, the gateway of big cities such as Hanoi Capital, TP. Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, linking dynamic economic regions in the Northern, Eastern and Southwestern regions; Contributing to solving traffic congestion, developing infrastructure towards urbanization and improving socio-economic conditions in the localities where projects go through.


The typical projects such as:





BOT upgrade and upgrade National Highway No. 1A, An Suong - An Lac section, Ho Chi Minh City

IDICO has started to invest in the project of renovating and upgrading National Highway No. 1A, the section of An Suong - An Lac from April 2001, this is the first traffic BOT project due to construction investment, operation management and business. The project has a total investment after 04 times of additional investment of 3,321.67 billion VND, has been completed and put into operation from January 2, 2005 and is considered as one of the effective BOT projects. , save much cost.

This project is also the first project in Vietnam to put into operation the fee collection technology for a successful stop, bringing high efficiency and avoiding many negative effects.





Expanding National Highway No. 51 in Dong Nai and Ba Ria Vung Tau provinces

BOT investment project for construction and expansion of National Highway No. 51, Dong Nai - Vung Tau has a total investment of 3,700 billion VND, the project was started in August 2009 and completed and commissioned from August, 2012.




BOT Natioanl Highway No.2, Noi Bai – Vinh Yen section

BOT project of National Highway No.2, Noi Bai – Vinh Yen section, Vinh Phuc province has a total investment of 755 billion VND, the project has been completed and put into operation to collect fees since August 2008.

Development orientation of transport projects:

IDICO will conduct investment research on investment projects of river ports, IDICO's adjacent seaports.

Along with the innovation and economic development of the country, transport infrastructure becomes more and more important. Along with that development, IDICO will continue to research, propose and invest in many traffic projects according to many new models, advanced technology and efficiency.