IDICO focuses on investing in social housing development

IDICO has been investing in construction of many housing projects - urban and residential areas in the southern provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Long An ... Especially, responding to the State's policy on social housing development for workers in industrial zones and workers low income, IDICO has actively developed and succeeded in the first social housing project in Nhon Trach District - Dong Nai Province and the apartment complex in Tan Phu District - Ho Chi Minh City.

With experience and modern construction equipment and professional human resources with many technical innovations, IDICO has organized investment to build synchronous projects in planning and design; modern, complete, closed with technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, green parks, public services, trade and housing projects according to the standards of new urban model, attracting people to settle down, form a style and create a modern urban civilized lifestyle.


Some typical projects:





IDICO Tan Phu High-rise Apartment Area

Tan Phu IDICO high-rise apartment area in Tan Phu District - Ho Chi Minh City consists of 03 tower blocks A, B and C, each block has 02 basements and 20 floating floors with a total of 737 apartments, 1,133m2 of commercial floor. The project has sold 100% of apartments, completed construction and handed over apartments to customers according to commitments.





Housing area for workers in Nhon Trach industrial zone

Housing area for workers in Nhon Trach IZ in phase 1 with scale of 10.2ha with 3,520 apartments with full utilities and services such as green campus, sport, health station, kindergarten, children's play area, commercial area. IDICO is implementing construction investment in phase 2 with scale of 10ha with 1,790 apartments.




Residential Center, Ward 6 - Tan An

Residential Area, Ward 6 - Tan An Town - Long An Province: 31ha area, including 02 12-storey apartment blocks (500 units); Dormitories cater for accommodation and study for 3,000 students - students; 830 townhouses; 325 resettlement houses (interconnected form).

Other projects invested by IDICO such as Hiep Phuoc - Nhon Trach - Dong Nai Apartment Building Project, National Highway No. 1K Apartment Building - Bien Hoa - Dong Nai, Ward 6 Central Residential Area Expansion - Tan An - Long An, Residential, housing area for Huu Thanh Industrial Zone, Service Complex - Hotel - High-class Condotel Thuy Duong, Ward 5 Residential Area - Tan An - Long An, etc.

Orientation of housing and urban project development:

In the coming time, IDICO will focus on developing more strongly in investment and housing and urban business. Because this field not only contributes to business development but also creates jobs and develops auxiliary fields such as IDICO's consultancy, construction, industrial production and construction materials production, etc.