The first hydropower

With the existing capabilities and potentials, IDICO selects Srok Phu Mieng hydropower project as its first project. Srok Phu Mieng is the third ladder on the Be River, bringing the first ‘made in IDICO’ electric line to the National Grid in October 2006 after nearly three years of construction. The project marked an important milestone in the process of IDICO information and development with the progress of exceeding the plan by nearly one year and saving nearly 100 billion VND.

Srok Phu Mieng hydropower provides 228 million kWh each year to the national grid, promoting the role of water regulation in service of downstream agricultural production, arousing the potential of hydroelectricity and contributing greatly to the revenue source. Local budgets and more importantly Srok Phu Mieng is also a vocational school for IDICO's staff and workers, which is a furnace for the willpower and determination to master the people of IDICO.



Dak Mi hydropower cluster

The experience drawn from Srok Phu Mieng hydropower project management and construction has helped IDICO improve its capacity, take good role as both an investor and general contractor to build big projects requiring higher technology. The hydropower cluster on Dak Mi river – Quang Nam province is a testament to the success and affirms IDICO brand in the field of hydropower development.

Dak Mi 4A, B, C and Dak Mi 3 hydropower group has a total capacity of 271 MW, operating electricity generation with an average annual output of over 1 billion kWh, and contributing to ensuring water sources for production in the downstream area; facilitate the development of infrastructure, transport, create jobs and increase revenue for the local budget, especially the socio-economic development in remote and economic areas difficult in the Western of Truong Son area.



22kV power supply for industrial zones

With the goal of autonomy in power sources in the industrial zone, IDICO has been continuing to invest in building 110/22kV power substations and 22kV power grid system to distribute and trade electricity to meet the electricity using demand for production of investors in IDICO industrial zones and surrounding industrial zones. In which, 110/22kV Power Substation of Nhon Trach 1 IZ, 110/22kV Power Substation of Nhon Trach 5 IZ has been operated and IDICO is continuing to invest 110/22kV Power Substation of Huu Thanh IZ.

Development orientation of power projects:

The participation in investment in the construction of hydropower projects has shown the aspirations of IDICO leaders, who have been rolling in many hydropower projects across the country and the success of investment. Constructing power projects has shown the will, determination, and efforts ‘without any hard work of the leaders and all staff of IDICO.

In the coming time, IDICO continues to develop available capacity and experience in the field to invest in building power projects to develop many new energy projects such as hydropower, solar power, wind electricity, etc.