The year of 2000: Establishment of IDICO.

IDICO was established at the Decision No. 26/2000/QD-BXD on Dec. 6th 2000 of the Minister of Construction. The cores to establish IDICO were Urban And Industrial Zone Development Company, Oil And Gas Construction Company, Western Construction Company, which were under Ministry of Construction and some enterprises under people’s committees of provinces such as Long An Construction Company. These were enterprises which had trade mark and had participated in investment and construction of many projects of the country.

The year of 2006: Transformation into the form of Mother Corporation - Subsidiaries.
On Nov. 21st 2006, the Minister of Construction signed the Decision 1768/QD-BXD in regards to transformation of IDICO into the form of Mother Corporation - Subsidiaries.
The transition model has contributed to capacity building and active in the operation of the production's business units, the competitiveness and brand IDICO has been improved, special especially through the implementation of investment projects industrial, hydropower, transport, housing, production of building materials.... and the fields of construction work, consultancy, design...

The year of 2010: Transformation of enterprises into Limited.

The Decision No. 1768/QD-BXD dated November 21st 2006 by Minister of Construction in regards to transforming Urban And Industrial Zone Development Investment Corporation into the form of Mother Corporation - Subsidiaries.

The year of 2011: equitization COSEVCO (a subsidiary).

June 2011, COSEVCO has successfully bid for the first time offering shares and COSEVCO has officially been granted business registration certificates on July 5th, 2011. JSC has a chartered capital of 450 billion VND, which holds 44.89% IDICO. The equitization COSEVCO has created favorable conditions for the state capital mobility between enterprises and different industries, through capital markets, increase capital efficiency in production - business. For labor, equitisation enabling them to become shareholders and benefit gains through capital investment.

The year of 2012:

At the time of establishment, IDICO has 8 affiliated enterprises. Curently, IDICO has business system consists of 5 dependent units, 10 subsidiaries (2 IDICO Company holds 100% charter capital, 8 IDICO holding over 51% of charter capital) and 18 of associates. IDICO business payroll system Hoanh wide operation in the country, with experience, financial capacity, construction and installation capability. Each units has a strong IDICO own.

To improve and develop sustainable businesses as well as actively participate in national construction and development of the country as an economic group to successfully implement the Government's direction, has IDICO and are constantly consolidate, sort, innovation and business development, actively participating investment and development projects, expand cooperation with domestic and foreign partners on all aspects of business activities.